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The Longest Hike Yet!

Haiti is a beautiful land even though the trees are mostly gone!

On one our recent school visits we had the “opportunity” to hike three hours one way to reach the school at Lessar. We crossed over ten rivers (maybe it was the same one we crossed multiple times?) and climbed a mountain by the time we arrived! It was so beautiful! We had opportunities to give gospel tracts and share the message of salvation along the way, which makes the hike more enjoyable.

I was accompanied by Marie Lucie, Junior, our chauffeur, and a good friend, Pam from Michigan! We had such a blast, although often tired, as we climbed a good part of the day!

The girls with our walking sticks!  Couldn’t keep up with Pam, in the middle, who is a marathon runner!                  

The path before us! Always watching our steps.

Visiting with people and sharing God’s Word along the way is always interesting!

Getting our reward at the top of the mountain! Coconuts!

To our amazement, we met this man on the way down!

Crossing many river beds as we descended! Great exercise and building of our muscles!

Everyone is curious why we are walking through their area!