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Separation and Updates

A family trying to straddle between two worlds is interesting, to say the least! After enjoying Christmas and New Year’s with our families and a weekend trip to Dinold and Karla’s wedding in Oregon, Mike and Trinity went back to Haiti while Susie and Grace stayed in Ohio for awhile longer. Susie plans to continue helping with her Dad’s care and Mike and Trinity needed to return to work. Mike went back to the Child Care office which was open again and Trinity returned to the Bonne Fin Missionary school where her students were all waiting! After several months together we suddenly were all going in different directions!


Dinold and Karla were married January 5 in Oregon!


The happy new couple!


Enjoying Multnomah Falls in Oregon!


“We forgot our hiking shoes Mom!”


We had the opportunity two times to present Child Sponsorship and our journey in Haiti!

Susie and Grace are staying at Rudy & Polly Zollinger’s farm, taking care of Paisley the poodle, lots of cats and 21 goats! Grant moved in with them temporarily and they are all enjoying the change and quiet of the country. Meanwhile things back in Haiti also are very calm and seem almost surreal since there was so much unrest so recently. Medical and construction teams are visiting as normal as the highways are open and clear for the most part. The weather is great so far in both places, relatively speaking!

Our main focus is using our time wisely wherever we are, whatever we are doing. Seeing parents age and friends pass away, we see that time is short on earth! 2020, here we go…


The goats are always happy to see us!


Wow, it’s really cold in this barn!


Paisley has been a lot of fun!


Trinity is settling back in! New specs add to her teacher image!


The new school in Bonne Fin is quickly getting completed!


Painting the inside is almost finished!


The kids love their Friday visit to the hospital!


They made these sweet messages to hand out to a few lucky patients!


Grass and landscaping are growing quickly at Child Care!


Meanwhile, the shelves have arrived for a small library upstairs! Books are obviously needed!