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Construction Begins! You Can Help!

Haiti Child Sponsorship has been operating for nearly 50 years in this building!

We have started to renovate and expand the Haiti HarvestCall Child Sponsorship office! The office will be about five times larger when completed. There will be more offices, a large center hall and waiting room, a large storage room, a full kitchen, a conference/training room, a library/computer center and indoor restrooms for the kids. We are looking forward to finally having the space to better serve the needs of the kids in the Child Sponsorship program. It is a blessing to watch the building start to take shape! Praise God!

Administrator Marie Lucie Jeune stands in front of the original office!

The new concept for the front! The right third of the building and the second floor will be added.

Perched high on the same hill for the last 45 years, this week finally brought the conclusion to the use of this building! Several small changes and updates had been made over the years, but the office is by and large unchanged from the original. It was finally time to move as it was getting too dusty and too loud to work, and the existing building will soon be integrated into the larger plan. We will be moving to another space less than a half mile down the road until the building is completed.

A view of the back of the building shows the high hill we are perched on!

The construction is moving fast even though the Haitian way is totally without machinery. They dig through rock with pick-axes and broken-off shovels to make holes for the foundation and they cut out a huge stump with only axes and machetes. The workers are hand-mixing concrete in the sun all day and carrying rocks for the foundation and blocks for the walls for weeks on end. It is not a very safe working environment as many activities are happening at once, they are tripping around holes and they generally work without good shoes, gloves or eye protection. The day they were swinging machetes at the stump several had no shoes on…I could hardly watch.

Workers hand-dug 18 of these holes for the foundation work!

Cutting out a stump by hand!

Happy success at the end of the day!

Hand-tied rebar pillars ready for the foundation!

The busy yard full of workers and materials!

The hand-mixing of concrete is continuous!

Setting up the first pillar! Bos Sancave (on the right) is the construction manager we work with!

Foundation walls going up!

Foundation in place, concrete being hand-poured!

Block walls starting to rise!

It is raining in the distance but it’s work as usual here!

Foundation work continues for the new back wing going up next!

This drawing for the back shows the large new meeting room wing that is being planned!

All said and done, the project will take nearly 10,000 blocks, 3,175 sacks of concrete and 295 truck loads of rock, sand and gravel, most of that mixed by hand and then carted to the site to be dumped. It is an incredible amount of rock and concrete!

We will provide updates as the construction moves along. Thanks to several friends and churches, some of the needed items have already been contributed! If anyone is interested in donating for the remodel, send your check to:

HarvestCall Child Sponsorship
PO Box 3797
West Lafayette, IN 47996

Or use your credit card to donate online at harvestcall.org/new-building








A Peek Behind the Scenes!

What a picture of JOY! We are excited to announce the engagement of our son, Evan, to Leah Bertschi, from Roanoke, Illinois!

We are rejoicing together with Leah’s parents, Rich and Bev Bertschi. We look forward to getting to know them and their family!

“For you shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.” Isaiah 55:12 We are overwhelmed with joy and God’s goodness in bringing these two lives together, that even the mountains and the hills break forth into singing and the trees are clapping their hands. Our Lord answered our many prayers for the daughter He chose for our son! We welcome Leah as our daughter into our family. We feel incredibly blessed!

We had a wonderful two weeks with Evan before he went back and proposed to Leah. We loved our family time together plus the many adventures we shared. Here are a few scenes from our time together. Precious memories! We look forward to joining them in the States in a few months to be together as a family. In the future, we hope for a time when they can visit Haiti and make more adventures!

Enjoyed a day of hiking by these beautiful falls!

We thought we would try this but it didn’t last long!

Evan and Grace capturing the rays of the falls!

We enjoyed visiting with the Haitian Administrators for HCH (Help a Child in Haiti), Loumy & Adline.

Evan and his sponsored student, Julner, laboring together to give the gospel to this Haitian lady.

We hiked to visit a school in the mountains. The scenery was beautiful and the time together was sweet!

The time together with Evan was a precious gift! I will always remember. Thank you Lord!

We really enjoyed our family time. It was so special!

Evan and Grace enjoying the waves!

Enjoying the beach together!

Beautiful morning! In the far distance, there were souls being baptized in the ocean.

Great boat adventure to visit a school and share the message of Christ on the Haitian island of Ile-a-vache

Do you think these school kids could smile a little more?

As a reminder of God’s love and faithfulness, this sunrise came up on the road after we had to say our goodbye to Evan, which wasn’t easy. But He is faithful to be with each one of us as we continue to do His will. “It  is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.” Lam. 3:22.23

What a great two weeks we had together! We are now entering into a new chapter in our lives, “For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and the two shall become one flesh.” Matthew 19:5 We are excited to see what the Lord will do through this loving couple to glorify His Name! Evan and Leah are shining bright lights of Jesus  individually, so together they will shine even brighter!

After a 9 hour drive, Evan arrived at Leah’s house with a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

“Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!” Psalm 107:31

We are rejoicing in what God has done! We love you Evan and Leah!!



Visitors are Great!

Enjoying the Tomic family’s visit!

Over Christmas we enjoyed the visit of Tim & Melanie Tomic and their three boys, Brian, Jonathan and Matthew (out of six children). They are from Smithville, Ohio. Th projects around the house for us, fixing things or upgrading. We appreciated it so much! We loved spending time with them around the holidays to visit different areas. We so enjoyed the many conversations we had together and the encouragment we received to continue on in the Lord’s work. When we asked Melanie what she enjoyed the most, she said, “definitely the morning walks!” Special memories we have of our time together!

Tomics worshiped with us at a new Haitian church!

The kids always enjoy traveling on top!

Great hiking through a canyon!

Sure enjoyed God’s creation together!

The boys could not get enough jumping off the edge into the water!

Our Ranger was used many times to travel around town!

Tim and Brian working with Haitians to fix the Ranger, which broke down at the house where Tomic’s sponsored child lived. You can bond together even if you don’t know the language!

Visiting Tomic’s sponsored child’s house. The mother loved the gift of rice, beans, and of course, pork meat!

Visiting with a dear old widow who enjoys company!

Enjoying sugarcane!

Melanie loved the Domestic Center (Centre Lumiere)!

A fun visit with Caleb and Olga at the Domestic Center.

Evangelizing at the market! Trinity is translating for Tim!

Brian is handing out tracts at the market while Trinity is talking to them about the gospel.

Stopping to say “hello” before getting on the boat to the island.

A highlight was taking a boat to an island!

The Tomic boys loved the ocean and looking for sea creatures!

Really enjoyed the Wray’s Renault Sunday School with over 1000 kids that come every week!

It was exciting to see all those children’s faces!

We got to shake the hands of many precious children that day!

Jesus said, “Let the little ones come unto Me!”

Jesus said in a thought, “See those faces…that’s My face.”

So many kids, so many souls!

They got to watch the Haitians climb to get coconuts, then drink the fresh juice and eat the meat!




The Longest Hike Yet!

Haiti is a beautiful land even though the trees are mostly gone!

On one our recent school visits we had the “opportunity” to hike three hours one way to reach the school at Lessar. We crossed over ten rivers (maybe it was the same one we crossed multiple times?) and climbed a mountain by the time we arrived! It was so beautiful! We had opportunities to give gospel tracts and share the message of salvation along the way, which makes the hike more enjoyable.

I was accompanied by Marie Lucie, Junior, our chauffeur, and a good friend, Pam from Michigan! We had such a blast, although often tired, as we climbed a good part of the day!

The girls with our walking sticks!  Couldn’t keep up with Pam, in the middle, who is a marathon runner!                  

The path before us! Always watching our steps.

Visiting with people and sharing God’s Word along the way is always interesting!

Getting our reward at the top of the mountain! Coconuts!

To our amazement, we met this man on the way down!

Crossing many river beds as we descended! Great exercise and building of our muscles!

Everyone is curious why we are walking through their area!




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Memories in the Making!

The 6th and 7th grade classes displaying their volcano creations!

Grace’s volcano attempt!

There are few things better than school friends and good times after school with them! Grace is really enjoying her 6th grade class and her teacher this year, Miss Stakes. She often misses friends from Ohio but she has a really good attitude about living in Haiti!

Adding baking soda!

The eruption aftermath!

We enjoy having the Steiners close by now and being able to do some things together! Their kids provide a lot of laughs for everyone!

Going downtown for pizza!

First Sunday at a Haitian church!

Meeting all the dogs in the area!

Koriana enjoying her little yard!

Kenton enjoying his new life on the compound!

Grace and Tessa have been baking up a storm lately!

The reason for their work? Bake sales!

What’s a bake sale without customers?

The annual HarvestCall retreat was in November. The HarvestCall missionaries enjoyed a few days studying God’s Word and relaxing together at Coby Beach. We really appreciated the group sessions led by Randy and Evie Mogler!

About ten HarvestCall support team members were also present!

Coby Beach is about a two-hour drive from either Les Cayes or Bonne Fin!

Trinity and Grace are enjoying the weekend!

The missionary kids plus Leah Dreste and Dona Fehr! (Plattner’s were missing from Bonne Fin.)

Enjoying lots of free time together!

Sunday before breakfast!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family! We love and miss you!

Thanksgiving Day 2017, Les Cayes and Bonne Fin missionaries and guests!

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The Steiners Have Arrived!

We recently received this meaningful gift with many other goodies from the Latty, Ohio VBS!

Love Crosses Oceans!

Lately, that statement has been packed with meaning for us. We have been looking forward to the Steiner family’s arrival for quite some time and the day finally came! Their love for Jesus and for sharing his salvation has brought this family of six across the ocean! Welcome!

Isaac & Brittany, Koriana, Kenton, Kalvin & Kambria have arrived!

This is the Steiner’s cabin the group has been fixing up for the last month!

Helping “make fence!”

First things first…the shipment of the Steiner’s stuff arrived only one day before they did!

The unpacking begins!

Putting together beds, even for the youngest!

Making beds and making things comfortable!

Everyone worked together!

Then it was moving day, and time to go get them at the airport!

Loading everybody and everything on top and inside!

The next day over meals we had time to thank God again for safe travels!

Facetime with family!

Getting ready for a ride!

Diving right into crafts!

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New Bible Workbooks, a Wedding and other Updates!

New 1st and 2nd grade Bible books are here!

It was exciting to finally get the new Bible materials shipped here and sent out to the schools last week! We have been planning for this for over a year and we are happy that the kids in 150 schools will start having a Bible class every day. We are starting the program slowly with the 1st and 2nd graders this year. As they get used to the new material we will keep adding a grade every year as they move up.

High school Bible teachers are currently getting trained to teach the older grades and we will be doing a trial run with Bible courses in three high schools this year. In a few years, over 10,000 kids will be in the Bible daily!

Presenting the Salvation seminar in L’asile recently.

Teaching salvation is a privilege!

Salvation seminars continue and we enjoy the interaction with the people and the questions we get afterward! There is always a great hunger for God’s word. Once the pastors and teachers complete the Salvation study, they return them to get “graded” and then they get more studies and Bibles so they can teach their 7th or 8th graders in turn!

Audience participation has been very helpful!

A new Bible for each teacher allows them to fill out the study!

We were able to help with a wedding right after we returned to Haiti, serving as main taxi for the weekend! David and Kayla Brown got married, and their guests came from all over. We picked up people at the bus station, delivered people to and from the wedding and reception, as well as took David and Kayla to and from their honeymoon! What a Haitian experience!

Transporting family and friends to the wedding!

We would pull up at the designated bus stop and the whole crowd would try to pile right in! Once we even had to pull several boys out so the old people could get in. One group demanded that we take them somewhere else, but we had to get to the reception ourselves, so they had to give in!

David Brown, one handsome groom!

Kayla, his bride!

The looooong wedding service!

Transporting several loads to the reception!

After a hectic week and a very long day, the couple was visible exhausted at their reception!

David and Kayla are the first married in both of their families. They are important Christian role models to their siblings and the entire community as very few people get married at their age.

David & Kayla in front of their hotel room at the beach!

It was a blessing to part of this David & Kayla’s wedding weekend!

Grace has settled into her 6th grade class with a new teacher from Louisiana, Miss Stakes. She keeps busy with her friends and continues to be very creative.

Part of the 6th and 7th grade class at the opening day program!

Hard to believe Grace is a 6th grader already!

Afternoons are for friends and the freedom to still be a kid!

A fun day of swimming and fun with friends at nearby Camp Mahaniam!

Evangelism training courses continue as time allows. We try to take along the ones we have been training to continue to teach them more fully. It is a blessing to work in different areas, but we see a big difference in Bible knowledge from the urban areas to the rural.

This is how some of our visual aids made it to the church, Haitian style! Can you do this?

Trinity and Madam Yadley are in front here giving examples!