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Preparing for the Next Phase

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A typical morning school scene of raising the flag!

A new phase of service! We are thankful to have a contract this coming year with HarvestCall as we continue to work and share the gospel in Haiti. We’ll be based in Ohio but travel there every few months. We will continue to partner with Child Sponsorship as we seek ways to keep improving the program. Lord willing, we look forward to going down in October to get back into the swing of things. It is a blessing to serve. God is great!

Another good opportunity! For several months Mike has been enjoying another new experience; working at home as he contracts graphic design projects with Array Creative in North Canton (one of his previous bosses and a co-worker are the managing partners). He never imagined he would be able to work from home. All those years he used to drive 30 or so miles to work hopefully are over. God is good!

A new baby! Joab and Trinity are proud and happy new parents of Jaylah Faith, born on July 4. Susie got to be at the hospital through the entire delivery! Our first granddaughter (second grandchild) is adorable and we love seeing her as often as possible. Joab and Trinity are adjusting to getting a lot less sleep but they are so thankful that the delivery is behind them. God is merciful!

Our own “baby” is already 16! Grace is working at the Bauman Orchard Corner Market this summer and really likes it! She enjoys stocking the fruit and vegetables and manning the cash register, too. She is looking forward to her senior year and has recently been out with her friend, Elise (and her camera), finding ideal spots for senior photos.

Sponsored school reports are in! After several years of disruptions between the earthquake, Covid and instability in the country, we have finally been able to check a large percentage of schools. They are still dealing with so much damage! In one place everything in the area was flattened except for three homes. Schools have functioned this entire year in improvised ways: in temporary shelters or under roofs made from tarps or scraps of tin. Of the 125 schools we work with, half experienced significant damage and another quarter had some damage from the earthquake a year ago.

Nothing remains!
Making do with pieces of buildings!
A temporary school shelter!
Temporary classrooms built by relief organizations in the area!

Sponsor a school! Sponsorship is a wonderful way to directly help a school in Haiti keep operating. Most families cannot even pay the small tuition fee required per student for attendance, but a sponsor changes everything! Monthly funds will help pay the teachers’ salaries so the teachers can teach and the students can learn. Thanks to many current sponsors for your love and kindness. Know you are making a real difference to a community in Haiti!

If you have questions or are interested in school sponsorship, you can contact us directly or contact HarvestCall at:

Apostolic Christian HarvestCall
Child Sponsorship Program
PO Box 36
Morton, IL 61550

phone: (309) 266-6080
email: childsponsorship@harvestcall.org

Our email: mswalder91@gmail.com


Author: Mike + Susie

Missionaries in Les Cayes Haiti

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