His Heart for Haiti

Giving Hope Through Child Sponsorship


Summer in Ohio!

All together again!

How can she be 14?

Freshman year is over!

Family, friends, summer jobs and summer activities! We were blessed with a home in the country to stay in this summer. We call it “the big cabin” as it is an original 1950’s ranch that has been furnished with love by several friends. We enjoy the yard, fire pit and sunset views! We often think of Stan and Gloria Hartzler who welcomed us into their home the last five summers. That was such a blessing for us, but now they have retired as our church advocates. Paul and Kristen Klotzle have picked up that role and were the ones to find this home for us.

The living room of our “big cabin” with donated furniture!

Trinity returned from Haiti in June and was a bridesmaid in the wedding for her friend Sidney (Schar) Rupp! She and Grace have been making lots of fruit boxes at Bauman Orchards while Mike has also been working at their busy Corner Market. Susie takes special care of her dad in his apartment nearby the Rittman nursing home and also taking him often to see her mom through the window at the Home.

The wedding day of Andrew and Sidney!

Having fun on the job!

That’s a lot of boxes!

Inside the market!

Evan and Leah have traveled twice to spend time with us and we went to Illinois over the fourth of July as well! We had good times being together whether at the lake, touring in Holmes County, or waiting for a seat at a restaurant. The best Father’s Day gift was finding out we will be grandparents at the end of the year! Grant has been working overtime at Schaeffler in Wooster after going back to work in June. He works second shift so we have to catch him either in the morning or on a Sunday!

Favorite people and favorite food!

Some good times with Evan!

Perfect summer days!

Visiting Grandpa!

Wonderful surprise!

The happy parents-to-be!

We have all also enjoyed quality time with friends; whether to sit by a fire, having a breakfast or dinner together, or catching up at church. Many helped donate food for our summer shipment to Haiti. Thank you for all your love and encouragement! 

Lots of campfires!

Passport renewals! It had to be this summer of all years that we would need to renew our passports. It is a real dilemma with longer wait times for getting them back in the mail. We are trying to patiently wait for God’s timing so we can return to Haiti. You are a big God with complete control, but could you just expedite them for us please?

Meanwhile, things march on in Haiti! Many schools were only open three or four months all of last year between the rioting and Covid. Now the schools have reopened early to finish the 2019-2020 year from August to October.  In October the 2020-21 school year will start. We are thankful all the kids won’t lose a year of school!

School resumes in Haiti!

GCCD training has started! God’s Word is what will change lives and communities in Haiti and around the world! Pastor Peterson Benjamin taught the first module for the Gospel Centered Community Discipleship (GCCD) initiative we are working on for HarvestCall with selected pastors, their churches and communities. He trained the facilitators but he is also going on location to support and help them teach. This is crucial so we can make adjustments as needed to improve the training in the future for the Haitian context. 

The first group of pastors that received training!

Pastor Peterson in attendance at the church training level!

Prayers are needed! The situation that the country of Haiti finds itself in is complex. Satan is actively working at the political level and otherwise. But God is working even more! We need to ask God what he is doing in Haiti today and join Him. God is not finished until every heart is reconciled and all wrongs are made right. Satan is already defeated so we must not give him any territory, including the beautiful country of Haiti!

“And Jesus looking upon them said, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.” Mark 10:27

All things are possible! (not our photo)