His Heart for Haiti

Giving Hope Through Child Sponsorship

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Finding a Way!

Every intersection can be a challenge, but the biggest vehicle usually goes through first!
I love this porch floor outside our office. All the left-over tiles were turned into this piece of art!
Here is another example where broken pieces are now sitting in style!

We love the Haitian spirit of making do with what they have. Degaje is the creole word we often use that means “making do.” Where there is a will there is a way! Whether it’s how they drive, lay ceramic tile, or alter clothes, it all reflects the way they have to live with flexibility and making do with less.

In a similar way God takes the broken pieces and the ugly parts about us and puts them back together in Christ. He sees our potential! He puts us in the church to be better together. He makes something beautiful out of our life!

Trees are another example…you just build around them!

The Easter sunrise service this year was a success…the rain held off long enough to gather on the Child Care roof!

Breakfast and fellowship in the Child Care main room!
It was great to get visitors again!
Hosting Ladies Tea on a Tuesday afternoon!
The recent week-long MEBSH church convention with thousands sitting inside and out!
The lilies in the lower yard were outstanding this spring!
It was finally time to say goodbye to Sheila Moser after all her years in Haiti!
Susie gets to teach Grace and Annie’s Bible class this year!
Each week the produce that comes from the market is washed in a bit of clorox!