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Teachers Needed at the Missionary School!



The front entrance to the Citè Lumiere Missionary School (CLCS).


Grace and Annie Cameus (the only two freshmen) have been buds for six years!

Here is a short update on Grace’s school! (Grace is currently in Ohio but continues her freshman year of schooling by “extension”–via email–with her teachers in Haiti! The curriculum is challenging and homework takes most of her day.) There are only 25 kids enrolled this year, with two teachers and the principal that also teaches a few classes, but the teachers are currently quite stretched covering all the ages.

Students have to be able to speak English to attend and this year about half are American and half are Haitian. Two moms are teaching French which is required in Haiti. Having this school is a blessing because it allows the parents to serve full-time in their ministries while their kids receive a good Christian education far from home.

A principal’s office was built two years ago and then a new classroom was added last year, the first time the school was modified in over 5o years! That room will be used for a science lab, but it can be divided in half later if necessary. There is an ever-expanding school library that serves both the students and the surrounding missionary community.


Phys Ed is always interesting!


You will find those two together again!


Lunch with Miss Stakes, Grace’s current teacher from Louisiana!


First through third grades are in the same room this year!

Teachers are currently needed! Grace has loved every Christian teacher she has had the past six years! Teachers are volunteers and come for one to ten years based on their unique circumstances. Some are supported by organizations working in Haiti, some are supported by their home churches. Susie and I are serving on the school board and the board is trusting God that we will have teachers next year! We are also praying that God would send a husband and wife to serve our school long-term. God is able to do far more than we ask or think! Please contact us or the school principal (see the flyer above) if you have any questions.


Thanks for visiting our quirky old school!