His Heart for Haiti

Giving Hope Through Child Sponsorship

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Seeking New Sponsors!

Starbucks coffee for a month or sending a needy child to school for a month? It’s probably the same price.

Buying something you don’t really need or giving a child great hope instead? There is no price tag!

HarvestCall Child Sponsorship exists to provide a way for open hearts to share with another the privilege we likely take for granted…a basic education. Many children in the world cannot go to school for the simple reason that their family lacks the funds to pay for tuition, books, uniform and a backpack.

  • The enrollment rate for primary school in Haiti is 57%, and fewer than 30% of the students reach 6th grade.
  • Secondary schools enroll 20% of eligible-age children.
  • Haiti‚Äôs literacy rate is 52.9%

Those that don’t go to school are never able to read a Bible or story book themselves. They are not able to write their names and they lack basic math skills through life. We know some of those people. They work in our homes, they work in our offices at the most menial of jobs. They don’t want their own children to live like that!

Sponsorships through HarvestCall are available from preschool age up to trade school or university. You can also choose to sponsor entire schools in Haiti. Your funds will go to help pay the teachers so that the families can pay less and so the schools will stay open. It is a huge opportunity because we are already affecting over 10,000 students this way!

You can either contact us directly about kids we know that need help, select a child on the HarvestCall website, or through the Child Sponsorship office (all contact info at the end!).

Students come to the office to check in and write letters to their sponsors!
The spiritual curriculum that we provide to every school in the program will expand to 6th grade this year!
The free gift books that all the students receive at designated ages, and we are working on more!
Many times it is possible to meet your sponsored child if you come on a work team!
We can even arrange for you to visit your sponsored school!
Handing out health kits and gift books!
Every child appreciates a new toothbrush, soap and other hygiene items!
To have a book of your own is a rare treat!
One of my favorite photos of a typical rural Haitian school!
Morning flag raising and devotion time!
Schools in the mountains are often simple shelters for sun and rain!
A large school along the coast!
One of my favorite photos of a school visit. The director’s office looked just like a stage set!

We encourage you today to start sponsoring a child or an entire school; and if you already do, consider sponsoring another!

For more information or to select a child or school visit: harvestcall.org/child-sponsorship or write: ACHC Child Sponsorship, P.O. Box 36, Morton, IL 61550.


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God’s Ways are Higher

We just celebrated 30 years together…but separated. There are many surprises in life but God helps us face them one at a time by his grace. After over three months apart, we are looking forward to being together again as Susie plans to return to Haiti next week with a team!

While missionary life involves many blessings and you really see God at work, there are sacrifices and surprises around every corner. Our favorite word to describe all of that is “flexibility,” meaning the greatest work God is doing is probably in us. It’s awesome to know we have a God that walks with us on the mountains and in the valleys too!

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9

A memory of a past anniversary we were together!
Trinity comes to visit some weekends! When Mom is away this makes for some experimenting.

We are entering a very beautiful time of year in Haiti. The drier, dustier season is giving way to the rainy season. While the kreyol language has spring, summer, fall and winter in it, there are really only two seasons, dry and wet! It is always beautiful here, but now the fruit trees, fields and flowers really produce. But it makes sense…it’s a jungle!

Our view towards the adjoining back yard!

Pastor Peterson continues to train several groups of pastors with the Truth Centered Transformation program!
Peterson has a real heart to teach and train! He is currently the second pastor at the Dexia MEBSH church.
A group of missionaries and visitors a few months ago at Bonne Fin!
The new crew of kids at Wed. evening Bible study!

Most of the missionary houses here are on solar at this point. We were very thankful to receive the former solar panels from the guest house so we could also profit from the nearly constant rays. Child Care is positioned to be next!

Ed Sanders created the solar plan and installed the concrete mounts before they moved!
Shane Shaw has been doing a nice job with the system install.