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Second Work Team!

We were so glad to have another work team come help with the office remodel! Thanks to Stan Isch, Ron Farney, Phil Maletich, Toby Stoller, and Jim Walder we now have all the exterior doors installed and the electricity connected throughout the building. All of these guys were so talented and flew through the work in no time!

Thanks for your huge effort to come and help us in Haiti!

Installing the rolling garage door!

Getting temporary electricity to the building!

Installing steel entry doors to finally secure the building!

The new front door!

Phil and Toby came from our home church!

Connecting the entire building!

Lunch with the guys!

Singing together!

Visiting a widow and her neighbors!

Taking time to play a little too! Toby jumped off the top several times!

The remodel continues to progress nicely! The ceramic tile floors are getting finished inside and out and the Construction Department put the tin roof on over the large meeting hall. Everything is “black & white” now, soon it will look quite different when it is painted!

The railings are on, trees trimmed, and the retaining wall is almost done!

The first truss goes up!

Hoisting up the remaining trusses!

It was a Construction Dept. team effort!

Securing the purlins!

And the tin goes on!

The roof half closed up!

Laying down the sun block material!

Racing to the finish!

Thanks to the many, many people who have contributed materials, fixtures and financially, we are seeing a great result! Thanks again and God bless.


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This is a small representation of the 1,150 kids and young adults in our program!

How much did it cost you to go to school? Was it basically free? Did you know the answer to that question can vary depending on which country you live in? Most of us don’t associate much cost with education until college, and that cost is usually pretty eye-opening to the average family!

In Haiti the start of the school year is a very tense time for families because they know education is what helps break the poverty cycle, but most simply lack the funds to be able to send even one child to school. In third world countries most of the families incomes go toward food, clothing and shelter. It can be a struggle to eat every day, let alone pay hospital bills, pay for a funeral, or pay for school tuition and books for multiple children. For them, school tuition is comparable to our college costs. To add fuel to the fire, in Haiti 80% of the people are currently unemployed.

125 schools like this one are also sponsored, and more are waiting!

What is the value of an education in a third world country? It is probably more than we realize. The simple lack of knowledge is a huge component–-although only one of several–-to the extreme poverty we see here. Although in recent years the government has opened some public primary schools which are free, private and parochial schools still provide around 75% of the educational programs available in the majority of the country. And these cost to operate.

Haiti School Enrollment & Retention

  • 50 percent of children do not attend school. (World Bank 2013)
  • Approximately 30% of children attending primary school will not make it to third grade; 60% will abandon school before sixth grade. (UNICEF 2008)
  • Only 29% of Haitians age 25 and above attended secondary school. (USAID 2015) Most of these were sponsored students.


  • Almost 80 percent of teachers have not received any pre-service training. (USAID 2015)
  • Half of public sector teachers in Haiti lack basic qualifications. (USAID 2015)
  • 90% of primary schools are non-public and managed by communities, religious organizations or NGOs. (USAID 2007)


It is a blessing to be able to get God’s Word into every classroom!

How can you help? Sponsor one of more children by paying monthly for their education. It is a blessing to help send a child to school. It teaches them about love, mercy and generosity. Many kids that receive this blessing have a heart to give back to their country and help others when it their turn. Having a sponsor that cares about them is like sunshine breaking through the clouds on a stormy day. One minute everything is dark and cloudy, the next minute there is light and hope spreading everywhere!

You can get more information about sponsorship, including costs and photos of available children, here: http://www.harvestcall.org/child-sponsorship

See “A Day in the Life of a Sponsored Child” video we helped to produce at: http://www.harvestcall.org/videos

Why do we serve with Child Sponsorship? We feel it is a real privilege to serve the Lord and serve His people through our daily interactions with the kids, the parents and the schools in our program. This gives us many opportunities to share the gospel or interject God’s Word into our conversations with all ages. We have been given further opportunity to introduce a Bible class in each grade level of our 125 sponsored schools and the 13 schools where the sponsored kids are located!

We are also thrilled that Trinity will be joining us full time in our ministry this Fall! We are looking forward to her contributions as she has a real gift to connect with kids in ways we can’t.

Teaching and training for pastors and school teachers!

Sharing God’s Word and encouragement with the kids!

These teachers are happy to receive evangelism materials!

Sharing gifts with kids during school visits!

Thank you for giving hope one child at a time!

So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;
It shall not return to Me void,
But it shall accomplish what I please,
And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.

Isaiah 55:11

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Summer Blessings

Evan & Leah were married July 8!

Thanks to God we have another daughter now! On July 8, Leah Bertschi became Leah Walder! We are so thankful for Evan and Leah’s faith and His perfect timing in their lives for their marriage. Even the weather on their wedding day was perfect. All glory to God!

A family photo (with Susie’s parents) at the Ohio reception two weeks later!

Construction progress continues and the new Haiti Child Sponsorship office is starting to really look good! The second floor is well under way and will add so much more space. There are many finishing details that need to happen yet this Fall, but we should be moving back in before the end of the year.

New rock walls are being built for outside seating!

View from front door into new meeting hall!

The new lobby area!

The new kitchen!

One of the restrooms!

Still a work in progress, but getting better every day!


Summer Construction

Mixing concrete goes on all day long!

Here are updated photos of the Child Care building remodel! Construction continues at a pretty good pace as the second floor has taken shape and the roof has been poured. There is still a lot left to do! Pray for the workers protection as the higher they go the more dangerous it continues to get. And do I have to add it is really hot? Some of these guys have been hand mixing concrete every day all day in the sun since February!

Covering over the old building finally!

The new front entrance is taking shape!

Some fun window details will make an attractive place for the kids to come to!

Looking back at the entrance, the big new meeting room will get a tin roof next!

The second floor roof is ready for concrete!

This crew handles the second floor pour as the bucket brigade goes up two stories!

Thanks to the many, many generous donors (individuals, families and churches) we are closing in on our remodeling fundraising goal! Many items have to be purchased and prepared to ship yet this summer to complete the project by late Fall.

There is still time to give as we have many details to cover yet in a project this size. You can mail a check earmarked “Haiti Office” to: HarvestCall Child Sponsorship, P.O. Box 36, Morton, IL 61550.

Thank you and may God bless you as we work together to in turn bless children in Haiti!

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We’ve Moved and are Wrapping Up This Term!

The Great Room extends from front to back!

Side view of the HarvestCall apartment building where we live!

There were lots of swift transitions this past month! We moved next door to a smaller apartment and the Steiner family has already moved into our former apartment.Grace’s school year concluded successfully and Trinity is finished being a teacher’s aid there for the semester too. Now we are looking forward to the summer in Ohio with family and friends! We will travel back with the Steiner’s.

Already a 7th grader!

Grace and Annie, best buds!

There have been quite a few missionaries leaving from around here recently. It is always hard to say goodbye! Even though we will go in different directions, we are so thankful for all the shared experiences, good times and lessons learned.

We enjoyed many good times with the Plattner’s from Bonne Fin, our pizza party friends!

Saying goodbye to the Plattners at the Nami!

Saying goodbye to Kaitlin!

We received a wonderful gift from a departing family…a new dog, Sally! We love her already and look forward to spending more time with her when we get back. She and Grace already play tag in and out of all the doors to the back porch!

Meet Sally, our newest family member!

We have been blessed this year with lots of new sponsors! We are thankful to meet each new child that gets the opportunity to receive an education. May God bless everyone who supports this program. We are looking forward to moving into the remodeled office at the end of the year! There will be so many more things we can do with the kids with more room!

Notice the T-shirt…but get ready for the next one! His twin brother’s is even better! 🙂

The original angry bird!

The second story is going up!

Finish work is starting in other areas!

Floor tile is going down!

Framing the stairs!

A day later…a floating stairway!

We are blessed to work with the kindest and most patient guy who makes it all happen!

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Our First Work Team Digs Right In!

It was such a huge blessing to have a team of plumbers and electricians come to work on the first floor of the new Child Sponsorship office. Bruce and Lois Maibach, Garth Maibach, Dennis Fry and Lynn Kipfer formed our first team. They dug right in and handled every curve ball and every challenge that was thrown at them! We appreciated having Lois help with many tasks at the house, especially helping us get ready to move! Thanks again to each one for sharing your time and talents.

Garth and others at the massive Sunday School in Renault!

Bruce and Lois saying goodbye to the kids!

Dennis, Garth and Lynn enjoying all the kids!

Grant Heinold was here on a maintenance team and he was a great help to Bruce and Garth! Tile will eventually go over the conduit on the floor.

Lynn and Dennis made quick work of the plumbing installation!

Enjoying a meal with the Maibachs and Trinity’s friend Sidney Schar!

Visiting a widow and her grandchildren (and neighbors!).

More visits bring great joy to widows!

A trip downtown through the market was interesting!

Buying grilled corn on the street after sharing the gospel!

A huge group of teams and missionaries for Sunday lunch at the beach!

Trinity loved spending the week with Sidney!

Construction Update: Now that all the conduit is in the walls and the pipe under the floor, we are set to continue finishing out the first floor walls and ceiling. Then on to the second level and more updates to follow…

Remodeling the old office has been a bit tricky!

The large meeting hall is taking shape!

New construction envelopes the old building!

Other areas are nearing the final stucco coating!

New Child Sponsorship video! We had a small team here recently to film a new video for Child Sponsorship. The goal of the video is to explain the need for help with education in third world countries and how the program works. We followed two students through their day and showed a typical rural school and a typical city school. We will provide a link to the new video when it is finished!

Holly was one of the students we filmed throughout her day!

This team of oxen was working in the field right next to Holly’s house!


Sponsors Visit Their School!


The Waibel’s visit Sucrerie Henry, the school they sponsor!

We had a really neat thing happen recently when our long-time friends Brian and Wendy Waibel (and daughter Addie, Champaign, IL) visited us. They requested a visit to the school they sponsor and this was a first-time experience for us!

The entire school was waiting for our arrival and the kids jumped up and down as we pulled up! We had time to take lots of pictures, pass out gifts and watch the kids play games at recess and shoot off rocket balloons after school!

The pastor and his wife prepared a huge Haitian meal and we crowded around their dining room table to enjoy it. It was a blessing to spend those moments together and to hopefully encourage that school by their visit. It was a day well spent.

Bible story books were shared with each child!

Sharing something special without words!

Enjoying a traditional Haitian meal!

Rocket balloons were a big hit!

Some unforgettable moments with the kids!

We found lots of other things to do with the Waibel’s who were visiting for the first time! We showed them favorite beaches, a waterfall we enjoy, markets and stores, and let them experience tastes of Haiti too. We were blessed to worship in a Haitian church and hear familiar hymns. We were thankful for their visit which was a great support!

Another wonderful blessing was to match them with a local girl who needed help going to school. We were able to visit her family at their home one evening. After all the new things we did, Addie said this was her favorite part of the trip!

After all the Haitian food, we had to have pizza too!

A Haitian church visit on Sunday was a must!

Cooling off a bit too much here!

A visit to the Domestic Center was interesting!

The trip highlight was visiting the Waibel’s sponsored child and her family at their home!