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Giving Hope Through Child Sponsorship

Massey School Visit

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The MEBSH schools that World Relief supports allow only 30 children in any school to be sponsored. The poorest of the poor. The local pastor is usually also the director of the school and he knows the needs of his congregation well enough to select the children for the sponsorship program. One of the closest schools to the Child Sponsorship Office is in Massey, just northeast of Les Cayes which has 140 students. (We also attended the MEBSH Massey church on our orientation visit and will give you the sights and sounds of that soon!)

We arrived at lunchtime so we could view the lunch program underway. Although we only sponsor approximately 30 children in this school, our food program goal is to feed every student and every teacher every day in that school. The kids were adorable as each room prayed together before eating. As we went from room to room they would also all stand in unison to say a welcome. They were very thankful for the rice and beans and it all disappeared!


Prayer before eating was emphasized!


Marie Lucie helping to dish up the food for the older kids


Nothing to drink? No problem! Water can be pumped by the street!


Author: Mike + Susie

Missionaries in Les Cayes Haiti

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