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ImageWhat did you eat today? What are the chances it was a mud cookie?

Not all, but many Haitian children only get one meal a day...before they go to bed. Why? Haitian parents don’t want to send their children to bed hungry any more than we do. Imagine walking long distances to school (3–5 miles, sometimes 10), sitting through a day of classes in the heat, and then walking back home again in time to help with chores like carrying water or gathering firewood…all without eating!

Many Haitian children will eat mud cookies or are given salt water to drink so it increases their thirst, and by drinking more they will feel “full.”

Local pastors (usually the directors) of the schools where we have sponsored children are asking us to start food programs. World Relief currently has four food programs in operation in Haiti and we hope to assist with the planning and implementation of many others. Directors report the obvious that students that get lunch every day concentrate better in class, fall asleep less, and attend school more regularly (to get lunch).

If you are interested in donating, funds can be sent to World Relief and be earmarked “Haiti food program.” Remember, there are absolutely no leftovers and no waste in this worthy program…only very thankful children!



Author: Mike + Susie

Missionaries in Les Cayes Haiti

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