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Saying Good Goodbyes…


In the endless routine of packing our things we were reminded many times of what really matters…relationships. Loved ones near and far who mean so much! Jesus always took time to stop what He was doing to listen to and care for others. Thanks for all the special moments you have shared with us and the love you send us off with! We won’t see you as often as we did, but you have left your footprints in our heart!  Even dog ones… 


Jasper has found an extra-special new home!


Grace’s class made her a farewell book!


Special moments with special friends!


Getting together one last time!


Birthday parties and family time!


Putting the last of our stuff into storage!


Some of our things heading for Haiti tomorrow!




Author: Mike + Susie

Missionaries in Les Cayes Haiti

3 thoughts on “Saying Good Goodbyes…

  1. May God be with you on your journey! Safe travels!

  2. Mike, Susie and Family:
    Our best wishes for safe travels and arrival this week – May the Lord bless you!
    In Prayer,
    Mike and Lisa

    “The time has come, O Lord – for us to leave this place; Guide us and protect us and lead us in thy Grace. Wherever life may take us as we go our separate ways, Help us share with others the things we’ve shared today.

    May the peace of God, the Father, and the love of Christ, His Son, Guide us in the days ahead and strengthen us each one.

    May the blessing of the spirit fill us from within; God bless us and return us to the fellowship once again.

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