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Heading Back Home…But Which is Home?

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Coming and going, travel days are never our favorite!

Which is home? Are we going home or coming home? We ask ourselves these questions. We bounce between two different cultures and it can catch you off guard. One place has way too much and one has way too little, but neither is going to change very quickly! No matter which culture we are in, every human being has a disease of sin and our aim is to reach out to the lost with the cure of Jesus Christ!

We were privileged to stay with Stan and Gloria Hartzler in Orrville, Ohio again this summer. They welcomed us into their house as family! They always have the fridge and pantry stocked when we arrive!

We really enjoyed our time in the States visiting family and friends, and being with our church family, too. Although we have too many pictures to post of our time in the summer, we love each of you and pray for you often. Again, thank you for your love, support, and prayers. We love Haiti and the Haitian people, yet we still love our own culture and of course, the people!

It was a special time to be with our boys, Evan and Grant, and the brothers that live with them, Joe and Zach Smith!

Preparing for Trinity’s grad party with Gloria’s expertise!

Aunt Toots helped a lot with the food!

All of us together at Trinity’s grad party!

We cannot help but express our love!

Next we took a road trip together to several parts of Tennessee!

A great day in the Gatlinburg area with our friends and former missionaries, Lance & Ronda, and their two sons, Josh and Jake!

A cabin for missionaries where we got to stay over the 4th of July!

The cabin was on Signal Mountain and had a hot tub out back!

We loved being together as a family! Many days inside due to all the rain!

We hiked whenever we could, often while it was raining!

We enjoyed a visit to The Ark Encounter in Kentucky!

A replica of the Ark’s only door! We didn’t notice the cross on it until we saw the photos!

Good conversations during the meals we had together!

We also stuck in a week and a half of camping in August! The weather was better by then!

Fishing with my Dad is always a highlight!

We spent as much time as possible with Susie’s parents!

Campfires and friends are the best!

Favorite times with family! Susie’s dad, sister Jodi, and sister Monica (far right)

Reconnecting with U.S. church friends!

We were able to be at Lee & Laura Blume’s (Laura is our niece) shower and wedding both!

A trip to Illinois to see Mike’s mom, although she didn’t know us!

An overnight stay with Marvin and Nancy Dotterer!

Grace got to catch the end of the local VBS with her friends!

The VBS kids collected almost 400 pairs of shoes for Haiti!

A special visit and meal with former German missionaries, Daniel and Alex Seel and family!

Great food and a relaxing overnight stay with David and Luci Baumann in Mansfield!

Good times with the “Get-Along Gang!”

Trinity and Grace loved their day at the Cleveland Zoo with Evan!

Enjoying a last great home-cooked meal produced by Aunt Toots!

One last moment with our boys and Stan & Gloria before we headed out!

We are on a journey directed by the Lord, to a culture not our own, to reach the lost with the good news of Jesus Christ!

We do love the Haitians and all the unexpected things we see!


Author: Mike + Susie

Missionaries in Les Cayes Haiti

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