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Our First Work Team Digs Right In!

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It was such a huge blessing to have a team of plumbers and electricians come to work on the first floor of the new Child Sponsorship office. Bruce and Lois Maibach, Garth Maibach, Dennis Fry and Lynn Kipfer formed our first team. They dug right in and handled every curve ball and every challenge that was thrown at them! We appreciated having Lois help with many tasks at the house, especially helping us get ready to move! Thanks again to each one for sharing your time and talents.

Garth and others at the massive Sunday School in Renault!

Bruce and Lois saying goodbye to the kids!

Dennis, Garth and Lynn enjoying all the kids!

Grant Heinold was here on a maintenance team and he was a great help to Bruce and Garth! Tile will eventually go over the conduit on the floor.

Lynn and Dennis made quick work of the plumbing installation!

Enjoying a meal with the Maibachs and Trinity’s friend Sidney Schar!

Visiting a widow and her grandchildren (and neighbors!).

More visits bring great joy to widows!

A trip downtown through the market was interesting!

Buying grilled corn on the street after sharing the gospel!

A huge group of teams and missionaries for Sunday lunch at the beach!

Trinity loved spending the week with Sidney!

Construction Update: Now that all the conduit is in the walls and the pipe under the floor, we are set to continue finishing out the first floor walls and ceiling. Then on to the second level and more updates to follow…

Remodeling the old office has been a bit tricky!

The large meeting hall is taking shape!

New construction envelopes the old building!

Other areas are nearing the final stucco coating!

New Child Sponsorship video! We had a small team here recently to film a new video for Child Sponsorship. The goal of the video is to explain the need for help with education in third world countries and how the program works. We followed two students through their day and showed a typical rural school and a typical city school. We will provide a link to the new video when it is finished!

Holly was one of the students we filmed throughout her day!

This team of oxen was working in the field right next to Holly’s house!


Author: Mike + Susie

Missionaries in Les Cayes Haiti

One thought on “Our First Work Team Digs Right In!

  1. Great building progress! Neat to see pics of Bruce, Lois and Garth!

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