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A Good Start to the Year!


2019 Firsts! First Grant, then Evan & Leah visited us! Then we moved into the new Child Sponsorship office and also had a Haitian dedication and Open House!

Enjoying Grant’s visit!

When Grant came we spent a few nights at a beach resort!

Two days at the resort were a little getaway with other HarvestCall missionaries!


Time for visits with friends Joab and Moise!

Making candy!

Evan & Leah visited next!

A day visit to an island (behind them)!

Such cute newlyweds!

Visiting part of an old fort adjacent to the island!

They really loved their beach visits!

And the boat ride to the island!

Visiting Joslin, Leah’s little buddy from the hospital!

Love never forgets!

A day together in Port Salut!

A special meal near the beach!

Approaching the new Child Sponsorship office!

Group photo of the current employees!

The new reception hall!

The new conference room!

The new kitchen!

New storage depot/garage!

Moving into larger spaces was a wonderful time!

A dedication service was planned!

The luncheon was prepared by students from Centre Lumiere!

Local sponsored kids have been helping with yard work, etc!

The Open House for the local missionaries!

More good food to try!

It is a blessing to share what God has done!

The larger spaces are already being put to use!

Lots of space to write letters, serve lunch, share the gospel message, and expecting much more in the future!

Last, but not least, we have finally settled into our new apartment a little better! We had to downsize quite a bit which was a good challenge to do again after just doing it a few years ago! Sally, the dog, can usually be found sleeping somewhere (or following us around)!

Great room!

Kitchen and door to back porch!

Back porch!

Master bedroom with door to back porch (paintings by Trinity)!

Trinity & Grace share this bedroom!

Office/den thanks to the girls sharing a room!

We love using the storage shelves and Keurig corner Scott Yordy made!


Author: Mike + Susie

Missionaries in Les Cayes Haiti

4 thoughts on “A Good Start to the Year!

  1. Your post and pictures are inspiring. Thanks for giving us an update. We love you and pray for you!

  2. At 1,000 words per picture this is worth 42,000 words!! We are anxious to be there in March.
    Love you all

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