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From Haiti to the USA


IMG_5004It seems to happen every year. Ten months simply flies by and we are faced with getting organized for our summer return to the USA. It is always a lot of work, but so worth it!


The pile of rocks that will transform into our new side yard wall over the summer!


Saying goodbye to Tessa, Grace’s best friend in Cite Lumiere for the past 5 years!


Trinity moving to Bonne Fin! After returning in July she will be the teacher there this Fall!

Because of ongoing demonstrations and many roadblocks on the highway to the airport in Port-au-Prince, we were unsure how we would get there. We were blessed to find a small plane with room for four returning to Port the same day as our intended flight to Ohio! As we flew up, little did we know we were in for a day of adventure…

This was our first time flying from Cayes to Port! We were amazed to see the countryside pass beneath us. Everything was pretty unfamiliar from a different viewpoint except when we followed the highway we could make out the major towns. As we landed in Port, the left wheel did not rotate on touching down! It quickly started smoking and then blew! Mike saw the whole thing. The pilot also saw it and started braking very quickly, so the landing was fairly smooth all things considered.

We truly give God thanks for intervening for us. Thankful for the many prayers on our behalf. We never had to deplane on the runway before. A truck quickly came out with a new tire and whisked us back to the terminal. We weren’t even able to say thanks to the pilot!


Pushing up the plane to change the flat tire!


Our first experience together out on the runway!

We had a surprise waiting on each of our next two flights, too. Flying to Atlanta, a couple with two Haitian girls from Green Bay, Wisconsin sat in the same row as we did. We quickly found out they had just adopted the two girls and were on their way home! They had endured eight trips over the last six years, and we were the lucky ones to watch them finally go home together!

Flying to Cleveland, Susie sat right next to another missionary from Haiti she had started talking to before we boarded, who was on her way home to Holmes County, Ohio. Of all the seats on that plane, they ended up sitting together! They were so excited to get to continue to talk the whole flight! It was special a visit.

Evan and Leah were waiting to pick us up in Cleveland! We were so happy to be safely home, back with loved ones again, and enjoying much cooler weather. God is so good. We are blessed to be staying with Stan and Gloria Hartzler in Orrville, Ohio again this summer, as we have the past three!



Author: Mike + Susie

Missionaries in Les Cayes Haiti

3 thoughts on “From Haiti to the USA

  1. Welcome back Mike, Susie, Trinity and Grace!! So looking forward to being together and catching up
    Thankful God guided the plane to a safe stop!! Wishing you a Blessed time with family.

  2. Praise God, indeed! I’m so thankful that you got to enjoy the new adventures and surprises that God had in store for you. Enjoy your summer in Ohio! In Christian love, Christy Schrock

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