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Special Visitors and Special Times!

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The Hollans came to support us from Florida!

Over Easter we enjoyed a visit from Ryan & Rachel Hollan, Faith & Grace, from Fort Myers, Florida. During the following rainy weekend (it was a real monsoon), we enjoyed a visit from the elder and his wife, Vic & Brenda Bauman, from our sending church in Smithville, Ohio. And the last week of the month we were blessed to get acquainted with newlyweds Ben & Carolyn Virkler from Congerville, Illinois as they came to fix our Child Care computers and network issues! We were blessed with visitors!

Faith and Grace helped our Grace get ready for Easter!

Easter Sunrise Service!

Everyone enjoyed breakfast afterwards!

The kids enjoyed games!

We again hosted our annual missionary Easter sunrise service and breakfast. [It rained.] It was a blessing even though we never actually saw the sun rise! The next week, we went to Zanglais to a spot overlooking the beach for services and to take Communion. [It rained.]

We decided we are experiencing our first real rainy season since we came here! We have a tiny little leak in our hallway and we always have to remember to keep a bucket under it before we go to bed since it rains every night! That is nothing compared to the many leaks Haitians have to put up with under their old tin roofs!

The only day it didn’t rain, Vic & Brenda enjoyed visiting local widows!

Visiting a local deaf school!

It was nice to have extended time together!

The gazebo at the RMI Retreat Center where we have communion overlooking the Caribbean!

Arriving and getting seated for the Sunday morning service!

Between the services!

The girls game table for the afternoon!

Ladies Tea provides a few hours for the missionary ladies to connect every Tuesday!

“Tea” actually means lots of good food!



Author: Mike + Susie

Missionaries in Les Cayes Haiti

One thought on “Special Visitors and Special Times!

  1. Always enjoy your interesting posts — they really help us keep in touch. You surely have a lot of activity there; we appreciate all your efforts to reach out to the Haitians, and connect with the other missionaries. God’s blessings always. Marv & Nancy

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