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Second Work Team!


We were so glad to have another work team come help with the office remodel! Thanks to Stan Isch, Ron Farney, Phil Maletich, Toby Stoller, and Jim Walder we now have all the exterior doors installed and the electricity connected throughout the building. All of these guys were so talented and flew through the work in no time!

Thanks for your huge effort to come and help us in Haiti!

Installing the rolling garage door!

Getting temporary electricity to the building!

Installing steel entry doors to finally secure the building!

The new front door!

Phil and Toby came from our home church!

Connecting the entire building!

Lunch with the guys!

Singing together!

Visiting a widow and her neighbors!

Taking time to play a little too! Toby jumped off the top several times!

The remodel continues to progress nicely! The ceramic tile floors are getting finished inside and out and the Construction Department put the tin roof on over the large meeting hall. Everything is “black & white” now, soon it will look quite different when it is painted!

The railings are on, trees trimmed, and the retaining wall is almost done!

The first truss goes up!

Hoisting up the remaining trusses!

It was a Construction Dept. team effort!

Securing the purlins!

And the tin goes on!

The roof half closed up!

Laying down the sun block material!

Racing to the finish!

Thanks to the many, many people who have contributed materials, fixtures and financially, we are seeing a great result! Thanks again and God bless.


Author: Mike + Susie

Missionaries in Les Cayes Haiti

5 thoughts on “Second Work Team!

  1. Wonderful progress!! I didn’t know Phil and Toby did a trip to Haiti!

  2. That looks wonderful! Can’t wait to tour it in person! 😊Much love and prayers,


    “Occasionally weep deeply over the life you hoped would be. Grieve the losses.
    Then wash your face. Trust God. And embrace the life you have. ” John Piper


  3. Wow, It looks amazing. So excited to see the great leaps and bounds this projects has taken between updates. Just maybe I’ll be there again to see it in person.

  4. So thankful to God for the exciting progress on the new building and know it will be used for His glory as you continue to trust in Him! And a special blessing to read that Trinity will be working with you in the fall – many prayers for all of you as you use your gifts in this work. Also loved the sponsorship video 😉 Love you all… the Waibels

    • We thought you would like the video! We had to take a little visual license with only two days to shoot it. Holly and Frantz actually go to the same school but we needed to show a city kid and country kid. Other than that we were very happy with it!

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