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Construction Update!


What color will this building be? Watch for our next post to find out!

The remodeling project for our Child Care office keeps moving along! We are happy to see the progress and the way everything is coming together! The driveway is currently being leveled and graded so we will finally have a straight-on entrance to a big, new storage room with plenty of room for level parking. The windows are nearly all installed and the painting has begun. What color would you paint it?

Watch for the next post coming in full color!

We hope and pray the building will be a huge blessing over time to the Haitians and other missionaries as well. Although at the time we didn’t have working restrooms or fans, we were still happy to be able to host our first Cayes English church service in the new Child Care meeting room this month. God is good!

The construction dept. is moving tons of rock and soil to level the new parking lot!

The work is starting to remove the hill!

You can see how it is progressing!

We used to park on part of this sloping hill!

The front entrance is all cleaned up with parking lot beyond!

The view from another angle!

A student group from SEED planting a new row of palms!

One day to dig the holes, another to plant!

The majority of the people coming here will come on foot up this path!

The gazebo is ready for its roof!

The new depo (storage room) is all ready to store our stuff!

Enjoying the first English service in our new building!

The large meeting room will handle a small crowd!

After the service, we enjoyed a meal at our home with all the local missionaries and the Awareness Team!

There is always a real variety of food!

On the back porch everyone enjoyed a great meal coupled with great fellowship!

The young missionary ladies table?

Another day we enjoyed a meal with our new neighbors Daryl & Debbie Knobloch!



Author: Mike + Susie

Missionaries in Les Cayes Haiti

8 thoughts on “Construction Update!

  1. Thanks so much for your blog and pictures. It was wonderful to see the progress on the building. Convey our love to your new neighbors.!

    • Every day we get delighted with the progress we see. Yes, some things are not what we expected but overall this remodeling process has been a real adventure. Our new neighbors are real blessings too!

  2. It has been so encouraging to sense God directing and blessing this project from day one. Thanks Mike for your day to day oversight. May this facility be a blessing to the thousands of children it will serve.

  3. It all looks so wonderful! May God bless those walls and the activities within! I can’t wait to visit! Love and prayers. Pam ________________________________

  4. The project looks so wonderful. It was hard for me to picture such a beautiful building where piles of stones and broken walls once stood. I’m super excited to see how God has blessed the building phase and look forward to seeing it filled with families and children.

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